A plumbing leak is not always easily discovered. If you suddenly find your water bill has increased dramatically and for no logical reason, chances are you have a water leak.

Water Line Repair

A water leak may come from a number of places within your home's plumbing pipes as well as a leaky toilet or faucet. If the leak is coming from underground, you will not be able to find it unless there is a leak in the yard where you can see water pooling in one area. Even then, it is best to have a professional leak detection specialist locate the leak.

We have the tools and experience to find and repair virtually any water leak. Many homeowners may not realize that they are responsible for the water line from the street coming into your home. After you call the water company to inquire about a huge water bill, they may tell you to call a plumber or a leak detection company to locate the leak and repair it.

Depending on how bad the water leak is and where it is, you may need to shut the water off to the house all together until the leak is found and repaired. The cause of a water line leak may be difficult to know for sure, but things like freezing pipes, settling and shifting of the ground and just plain old pipes needing repair. Polybutylene pipes have had a reputation for leaking and there was even a lawsuit and settlement from all the complaints.

The bottom line is that a water leak needs to be found and repaired quickly to minimize the damage and stop the problems. Water damage can be very costly and mold can cause even bigger repair issues. We will solve your water leak problem with as little interruption and damage to your landscaping as possible. We use up to date technology and equipment to replace your polybutylene or copper pipes.

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